Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Think big and fix the stuffs inside"


Happy April Fools day! In Italia April Fools = Pesce d'Aprile.(Pesce means fish) Little kids walk around and stick paper fish on other kid's backs (kind of like the "kick me" signs). Haha. So, I don't know if I've mentioned this...but I have a twin here at the Accademia. Her name is Courtney...we look way too much alike for our own good. Well the first few days here, Monica (our Italian teacher) kept mixing us up so today in Italian we decided that whenever she called on Courtney, I would answer, and whenever she called on me, Courtney would answer. You should have seen the look she gave us...

Not much new here; just class, class, class. For some reason, now that we are nearing the end of the semester, teachers are realizing that they "haven't given us enough to do" so they are piling on projects and exams and papers and adslkgja9wwtua3wmgwlkg. I'm so tired.
Classes have been going well, though. Believe it or not, we finished Commedia yesterday. SUCH a sad day. All of us were just getting the hang of it and now we are done. We are thinking about doing the final piece we created for the last cabaret; that way each of us can go even further with the characters that we created.
In movement we have been continuing acrobatics. We did "human juggling" today - that was pretty crazy. Imagine three juggling balls and the pattern that they make - we did the same thing but by jumping over and rolling under each other. We also did assisted back flips. Then Claudia laid a bunch of pictures on the floor and we had to pick one and create a movement piece off of it. We are continuing that tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how they develop. In voice we are concluding our work on "Caliban" and moving into new monologues (of our choice) for the last few sessions. In philosophy we separated from the dancers for a few classes. They are doing readings specific to dance and we are reading a book called "Comedy" by Andrew Stott. In Italian I spend most of my time just sitting wishing that I was better at the language. Either that, or I think about how I wish I could get out of the villa and actually speak some of it!

Tuesday night we had a Charlie Chaplin film night and I fell in love. He is so incredible. We watched part of this documentary called "Unknown Chaplin". There isn't a lot of extra footage when it comes to Chaplin because he burned most of what he didn't need - however there are a few treasures including deleted scenes, outtakes, him directing without his "moustache mask", goofing around on set, all of which give a much clearer insight into how he worked and made his films. It was helpful for me because my character for Commedia has been a "young Chaplin", and although I have watched a few of his films on my own, it was nice to see his journey rather than just the final product. What do I know I need more of in my life from this day forward? Chaplin.

(I'm in the jean overalls)

A little birdie told me it is 70 degrees back home. So jealous.
Today it thunderstormed and then concluded with a very pretty sunset.

*sigh* I miss people at home.

Theme song for today:
"Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machine

Buona Notte!

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