Friday, March 5, 2010

Peace out Pasta. Let's go Lefse!


Today was our last day of classes for part 1 of the semester. YAY! I made it halfway and spring break has officially arrived!

The last two days were pretty easy; just movement, Italian, and studio yesterday and then today we had movement, studio, and the dancers did their Butoh Presentation for us. (They've had a Butoh intensive workshop every day this week).

Tomorrow, March 6...(I guess it's technically today seeing as it is past midnight here...) I leave for NORWAY! :) I'm soooo excittteeeeeddd! AHHHH
A bunch of the girls and I walked into town after class today to put extra minutes on our phones in case of emergencies.
I thought I was going to have to take the train to Florence and the shuttle to the airport alone tomorrow, but it turns out some of the girls here are flying out of Florence too (at a different time) but we can ride the train and shuttle together nontheless.
Because of this, I am leaving the villa super early. I will be at the airport probably four hours before my flight, but I'd rather be there early and have time to kill then try to rush.
I am staying with my relatives in Oslo. I believe they are my third cousins? The family is Kirsten, Rolf, and then their two sons Tore and Kristian. Kristian won't actually be around because he is studying in St. Petersburg Russia (right by my best friend Allison, coincidentally enough). I met Kristian and Kirsten when I was about two or three years old but I haven't seen them since. Tore is 18. I actually spoke with him on instant messenger tonight for a while. He said apparently his dad has my entire week planned out; sounds like I will be in very good hands. :)
It is SO surreal that I am going to Norway. I feel like a very lucky fish, indeed. :) PS. GRANDPA: I got your letter! Your drawn out map of Oslo is SUPERB. Thank you! xx

I am bringing my little pink netbook along with me, so expect updates and pictures along the way.

NorWAY I'm comin yourWAY.

wow. I'm delirious. See what this big yellow villa does to you after a while? ;) It will be so nice to take a break...

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