Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Buona Sera!
The pictures are from today's sunset. Pretty incredible, if I do say so myself. The view is from the balcony of our villa.
It's been one week. :) Love. It. Here.
Today was yet another long day at the Accademia.
We had Italian in the morning - we weren't quite as hyper as last class but it was still fun. We learned numbers, how to pay for things at stores, days of the week, months, important city spots, and how to give directions. PHEW. Basically, a lot of stuff. After that we had voice class. I was still so sore from yesterday - luckily for the first half hour of class we did breathing exercises lying on the floor so it was very relaxing. After that we looked at the relationship between pressure, sound, and movement, as well as the beginning of beautiful vs ugly singing. It's interesting - everyone comes from very different backgrounds but in all of our classes so far we have managed (pretty easily, I might add) to find common ground.
Everybody is great.

Every Wednesday during lunch we are only allowed to speak Italian. This proved to be an interesting challenge - but we stumbled through it okay.
Man, the food here is so good. This man named Ricardo serves us breakfast, lunch, and dinner all throughout the week. (Weekends we are left to fend for ourselves). Breakfast is usually the same, but there has never been the same lunch or dinner so far. They are SO GOOD. Homecooked Italian Food. YUM.

After lunch, we were supposed to have philosophy but our teacher was sick.
Then, two at a time, we had private tutorials with Claudia (movement teacher) about why we chose this program, what we are hoping to get out if it, and we were free to ask her questions as well.
Again - the nice thing about being in such a small place is that the professors here really take the time for you. They are all so interested in us as both humans and as students which is a pretty great feeling. Claudia's office is awesome, too. She has a massage bed and tons of posters of the skeletal and muscular systems. Rock. On. Acrobatics.
Kadie, Alex, and I went for a short run. Instead of running through the city of Arezzo we ran up the hill on a back road and the view was GORGEOUS. Absolutely stunning.
After running, I hung out for a bit and then rehearsed our scene for Cabaret. It's coming along well - - to be honest it's less of a scene and more of an acrobatic tumble session. I was actually unaware that I could do some of the stuff I'm doing. I guess there is a time and a place for everything... :)
Then dinner. Then more rehearsal. It's now 11:30 pm and I am just about to finish this and start some homework. I've eaten enough European chocolate today to keep me hopefully it doesn't fail me.


  1. Carina,
    Ciao! Spero che stai bene.
    While you are in Florence you must go to the piazza just north of the Duomo...not sure if it is north or not. It is down the street off the back end of the Duomo. Anyway, the reason you must go there is for the flying monkey fountain. Let me know if you find it! And, in case you or any of your friends want to really overload on Italy blogs, remember mine is:

  2. grazie Mark! I will be on the lookout for the flying monkey fountain! :) With a name like that, how could I possibly pass it up?! xx